What an unprecedented time we are all going through with the COVID-19 virus.  I do believe when this is all behind us, we’ll all become closer as a nation and that we would have become much more versatile in how we conduct both our personal lives and our business lives.

However, this is NOT behind us at the moment.  We’re still completely immersed in the chaos.  We must carry on with our personal lives, as well as our business lives.

Please rest assured, that ISG is prepared to work with you and your customers as we always have.

At the present time, all ISG staff is working at the ISG office, but we are behind locked doors, for both our safety as well as yours, and our vendors.

If there becomes a point where we decide or are mandated to close our doors, until further notice, never fear!  We are fully prepared to work virtually, with no interruptions.  Virtual ISG has been, and still will be here and ready for you anytime you need us.

Contact information:

If we go virtual, our phone #’s will still be the same, and we are happy to provide you our ISG staff contact list with email addresses and phone extensions.

Application submission:

VIVE is our new term quoting platform that is located on our website www.isgi.biz.  It is such a simple process for both you and your customers.  Online applications and online policy delivery!  You can click here to see a brief video on the ease of using VIVE.

 If you do not use the VIVE platform for term insurance, or you have a permanent insurance case, Disability, Long Term Care or Annuity case, if you have the capability to do so, we ask that you scan and email that application to us.

Sales Ideas and Joint work between ISG, you and your customers:

A big part  of what we feel sets ISG apart, is the fact that we keep new sales ideas in front of you and are capable, willing and able to work direct with you and your customers on large cases, when you need us. After understanding the definition of zero trust architecture, it was easier for me to understand the importance of security. That will not change, other than the fact that most everyone prefers to be social distancing at the moment.  We are utilizing free software, ZOOM, to stay in front of you and your customers for point of sale assistance when requested.  You can click here, to get your free download of ZOOM. 

Please stay safe and keep that positive mindset!  We will all get through this!  I’m always a phone call or email away, so always feel free to reach out if you need me.

Go out and make it a great day!