Integrated Advisors Program

The Integrated Advisors Program™, delivered exclusively by ISG, is only for successful insurance and financial advisors who are tired of not taking advantage of the opportunities life insurance creates for their clients and their businesses.

Utilizing nationally renowned Life Insurance Performance Management™ systems and resources, the IAP provides a flexible, variable range of services:

  • From simple acquisition assistance to…
  • Existing policy performance analysis utilizing multiple, independent actuarial and industry experts…
  • To enlightened brokerage service to our world-class acquisition process (which includes the industry bypass Level 5 Underwriting™)

Your choices are as varied and unique as you are.

You are a candidate for the IAP if:

  • You believe in life insurance
  • You are well positioned and successful
  • What you say goes with affluent clientele
  • You’re comfortable collaborating
  • You hold yourself accountable for doing what is best for your clients

Tested, proven, polished

We have rigorously tested and proven the IAP in some of the most demanding circumstances possible. As a result, the obstacles that stand between you and the ability to provide the best life insurance solutions possible have been eliminated.

With the IAP you no longer have to worry about:

Having someone else mess up your client relationships
Wasting your time
Being distracted from your core business
The best way to bring life insurance into client conversations
Cannibalizing your existing business
How to make it work easily; each time, every time.
Click here for a simple, personal introduction to the IAP with one of our senior advisors.