1. All carriers are required for their permanent life insurance products to be CSO / PBR compliant by January 1, 2020.  What this means in layman’s terms is that permanent life insurance products will see an upward pricing adjustment at that time.  The timeline is tight.  If your clients are searching for permanent life insurance at today’s pricing, the applications must be in, underwritten and placed inforce, NO LATER THAN 12/31/2019.  That means applications need to be in very soon, in order to meet this deadline.  See attached Intelligent Spreadsheet for full details with each carrier.
  2. The fantastic Lincoln MoneyGuard product, which is an asset based Long Term care product, is also facing an approximate 7% price increase at the end of the year, so new apps must be in no later than October 31, 2019 and placed inforce by 12/31/2019.
  3. Business cases, such as Buy Sell, Key Employee, Non-Qualified Deferred Comp, etc. are the most profitable pieces of business you can write.  Most employers enjoy the fact that these premiums can be paid with corporate checks and especially during year end time.  Well, that time is upon us.  It is so very hard to commit business owners to apply for coverage and especially pay premiums for it at the beginning of a new year.  If you have any business owned cases that you’re working on, now’s the time to approach the business owner about moving forward.

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