As we approach the “busy season” of the life insurance world, I thought I would share what’s been working the best for ISG advisors over the past couple of years, so that more of you may join in on the fun. Historically, between August 15th and December 31st, ISG produces between 60% and 75% of our overall revenues. That’s why we call it the busy season. Maybe it’s due to the fact that kids are going back to school, maybe quotas and goals haven’t been met, whatever – we love the busy season here at ISG. It is our opinion, with the somewhat drying up of the Estate Tax Planning market here in Mississippi, that the Business Owner market is by far the most lucrative there is out there, and one of the most fun group of customers to work with. This past year, I trademarked a presentation / selling system that I created called S.T.A.R. If you have not yet seen this system, please reach out to me or any of our Sales Team, as we’d love to show it to you. It is the most noninvasive approach you’ll ever see, and business owners are eating it up, as it addresses 4 unique fears that they all have.


Top Performers



The average annual premium on these cases runs right at $26,000! Business owners see it as another risk management tool, rather than purchasing more life insurance, because that is how it is presented to them. The system contains pre-approach materials, spiral bound presentation manual, quick reference sheet on how to entice your customers to want to learn more, discovery forms to gather information…..everything you need! So, you ask, what does this wonderful selling system cost, that if I only did one of them a month, I could put another $300,000 of revenue in my pocket? Well, it costs you effort and allegiance. The effort to pick up the phone or shoot out an email and line up some prospects, and allegiance in that if you use our system, you place that business with ISG. That’s it! You know, if I created this system, it must be really easy. We can train you on it, and you get out there and make it happen. Or, all of our Sales Team members are very well versed on this selling concept, and we will be glad to utilize our Integrated Advisor Program on any case you want us to. As soon as I can build up enough courage to step in front of the camera, I will be sending out via email several 3 – 4 minute videos on this program, to give you some inside scoop on how it looks.
Go out and make it a great day!