Insurance Solutions Group has been a member of LifeMark Partners for nearly 20 years. LifeMark and BRAMCO, two industry leaders in the Life Insurance Independent Marketing Organization space have combined to become LIBRA Insurance Partners, effective January 1, 2020.

LIBRA Insurance partners is made up of only 60 partners, of which Insurance Solutions Group is one of! ISG is the only LIBRA partner agency in Mississippi and Louisiana, which makes up our primary territory. LIBRA is on track to produce $1.7 Billion of Life Insurance premium in calendar year 2019. That’s a lot of premium and a lot of muscle in our industry!

Not only have you had the fantastic LifeMark tools at your disposal all these years, such as Quote Shop, LifeTrends, a dedicated Medical Director, Intelligent Spreadsheets, and the list goes on…. Now, you will have access to all of the tools that were formerly exclusive to only BRAMCO agencies.

We’re going to save the announcement, of what I feel is the most valuable tool in that portfolio for a later date……but not too much later. Expect that announcement no later than 1/5/2020.

A little teaser on that announcement….

  • Quoting and selling term insurance has never been easier!
  • It is impossible to submit an application that is not in good order!
  • Your term cases will automatically be routed through a carriers automated underwriting process if they qualify!
  • Most importantly – it makes selling term insurance PROFITABLE again, for both you the advisor, and ISG!

Go out and make it a great day!