Time to put on those thinking caps and make some $$!

Who do you know that fits the descriptions below? Come on, really think about it and write them down.

How many of them are leaning on YOU, their advisor, to ADVISE them on their OPTIONS?

  • Business Owners needing Buy Sell Agreement Funding through Life Insurance
  • Business Owners needed to insure their Key Employees
  • Young Couple needing Mortgage or Debt Protection
  • Young Couple needing protection for their family, including college funding for their children
  • Grandparents in their 40’s or 50’s wanting to provide for their grandchildren’s college education
  • Family or individual who feels their need for life insurance may extend beyond 30 Years
  • Anyone who doesn’t like the idea of spending money for term insurance and outliving the term with nothing in return
Sample case:
Male age 35 – Preferred Best Non tobacco – $1,000,000 Life Insurance Need for at least 30 Years calls you and based on what HE knows, he orders a $1M 30 Year Term Life Insurance quote from you. Well, what do you do? Just take the order, or do you think outside the box to give him the best possible options and advice?
30 Year Level Premium Term – $760 x 30 Years = $22,800
Return at the end of 30 Years = $0
Commission to advisor = $646
30 Year Level Premium Term with Return of Premium Rider – $1,900 x 30 Years = $57,000
Guaranteed Premiums refunded in 30 Years – $57,000
Commission to advisor = $1,615
Indexed UL to age 120 paid up in 30 Years – $3,213 x 30 Years = $96,390
Projected Cash Value available in 30 Years = $115,354
Commission to advisor = $4,772
So, next time you get that call for a Term Life quote, ask the prospect,“Do you want to “rent” your Life Insurance, or do you want to “OWN” your Life Insurance.

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