What is Blue Ribbon Quoting?

It is nothing less than the heart and soul of what makes our relationship with you a winner.

Blue Ribbon Quoting provides the very best options as accurately and quickly as possible.

Blue Ribbon Quoting means
Even though we run quotes all day long, we never send one out until we know we could sell its price and features to any client of any broker. We look at the numbers and nuances; the whole spectrum of what constitutes value to you and your clients. We simply cannot comprehend why anyone would be satisfied with sending out anything but the very best quote.

Blue Ribbon Quoting is about timing! We know speed is one of the most critical factors empowering your ability to always finish first.

Blue Ribbon Quoting always conveys a precise, detailed description and a convincing rationale for these three variables:

  • Premium/price
  • Product features
  • Financial strength of carrier

Blue Ribbon Quoting means you win when ISG consistently finishes first in:

  • Speed of delivery
  • Quality of presentation
  • Proactive support
  • Exceptional follow through

To experience Blue Ribbon Quoting today:

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