Simple Questions to open the doors and minds of your business owner prospects and clients!
I assure you, that these questions WORK!  
These are the types of cases that are generating an average of $26,000 of Life Insurance premium for ISG Advisors all the time.
Business Continuation Planning
If one of your partners should die, what would you want to do about the business rights of the surviving spouse – Take that person into the business or buy them out?
Key Person Protection
Who beside yourself is responsible for profits of your business?
If they were to pass away, unexpectedly, what impact would that have on your business success?
Do you have insurance on any of the key profit makers…to help make up for lost profits and added costs you will have if one of them dies?
Executive Bonus Plans
Are the owners and highly compensated employees being discriminated against in your qualified retirement plan, meaning, are they limited in the amount they can contribute?
Would you like to set up a “selective bonus” plan that is not subject to tax law nondiscrimination rules?
Try these out and see how they work. If you want to discuss these further, please reach out to us here at ISG.
Go out and make it a great day!