Is there anything better than a brand new baby?

How about a brand new GRANDBABY?!?!?!?!

That’s right. I’m told there’s nothing comparable to the love one feels for a grandchild.

So why not turn that love into a LASTING LEGACY with Protective Life’s INCOME PROVIDER OPTION?

Income Provider Option (IPO):  The rider that spreads the death benefit out over time, so the beneficiaries (in this case, the two grandchildren) receive a “gift” every year. Or as in the example I worked on last week – – – a “gift” EVERY MONTH!

Check out the case study I like to call The Ultimate Grandpa

  • Male 68 – Preferred Health
  • Has $200k set aside to give to his two grandkids.
  • He leverages the $200k as a single premium paid into Protective’s Index Choice UL. No on-going premiums. This can also be designed with ongoing premiums.
  • In return, each grandchild receives $1,000/month for 20 years, after The Ultimate Grandpa passes away. That is $480,000 total.
  • PLUS… there is a $200k lump sum DB The Ultimate Grandpa decided to give his child as a thank you for raising his amazing grandkids.

Moral of the story…. $200k lump sum bought $680k of death benefit for a 68 year old….. and a surefire way to becoming the favorite grandparent.

Please click HERE see the truncated illustration attached. Let me know if you have questions or want the ISG Sales Team to run an illustration with IPO for you. Because I’m telling you, our business is traditionally about a need-based sale, but this idea will generate more want-based sales than you could ever imagine. Grandparents open their wallets and basically say, “Where do I sign?”

Go out and make it a great day!